Prepare A 72 Hour Kit Of Emergency Supplies – ‘Just In Case’

Prepare a 72 hour kit of emergency supplies so you can be self-sufficient in an emergency if outside help does not come quickly.

Prepare a 72 hour kit of emergency supplies so you can be self-sufficient in an emergency if outside help does not come quickly.

Previous posts have dealt with more straightforward emergency preparedness, such as having a list of important phone numbers handy, keeping emergency cash around, having some emergency water storage, or even making sure your car is fuelled up. But the ’72 hour kit’ requires a bit more planning and preparing.

In more serious emergencies, or disasters, emergency services are always stretched to breaking point. They will be preoccupied with the people at greatest risk and, surprise, whatever we might think that might not be us. Generally speaking it is recommended that households be prepared to fend for themselves for at least the first 3 days (72 hours) of any emergency situation.

In some emergency situations it might simply be a case of sitting tight, and surviving on our own, until normality returns or help arrives. In other situations it might be necessary to evacuate quickly, in which case the portability of our 72 hour kit is essential. If we are able to take our kit with us we can still fend for ourselves wherever we temporarily relocate to, and we reduce how much we are a burden on at emergency services at public evacuation centres, or on friends, or family, who might arrange accomodation for us. Few of us would have time to think properly about what we would need in such a situation, it’s much better to prepare in advance.

Each person’s needs are unique, and you should take time to consider exactly what would be essential if you had to leave your home, or had no access to shops or services, for 3 days.

Emergency Food Storage

Remember to include long-life food in your emergency supplies…

Your 72 hour kit should be personalised to meet yours, and your family’s, specific needs. The main categories of items to think about are:

While you think about the specifics you need for you and yours, such as special medication or sanitary items, consider some of these common 72 hour kit items:

Nobody looks forward to the kind of emergency that requires this preparation, but we know that even in the UK some recent emergencies have required evacuation. Such as the Nuclear Weapons factory in Berkshire a few years ago, the Leicester factory fire last year, or the Fish Processing factory in Peterhead this year. At we recommend preparation, not panic, every time. There’s no doubt that being prepared brings peace of mind, and reduces stress, fear and worry at hopefully rare moments of crisis. One thing is for certain, should your 72 hour kit ever be needed, you will not be sorry you prepared. Why take the chance when the solution is so simple?