Make a Power Failure Kit For Your Home and Office ‘Just in Case’

Make a power failure kit

Make a power failure kit for your home and office, keep it in an easy to access place, make sure people know where it is.

We’re used to being able to flick a switch for everything from lighting to heating. But in a power cut, especially at night, suddenly the most basic of tasks become a real challenge. Couple that with any other emergency and a problem quickly becomes a nightmare.

One really easy way to reduce the stress at such times is to make a power failure kit. Essential for the home, but also useful at the office, a power failure kit contains essential tools and supplies to make getting on without mains electricity that little bit easier.

Have a special place for your kit, that everyone knows about, you won’t have to be hunting around in the dark trying to pull it all together at the last minute – only to find out too late you don’t have what you need.

To keep things tidy select a storage box, tub, cupboard or shelf to keep your kit until you need it.

Items you might need include:

Emergency Food Storage

Remember to include long-life food in your emergency supplies…

These simple steps can take away the stress of a power cut, making the whole experience much more worry free. Why take the chance when the solution is so simple?