Portable Emergency Stoves – Ghillie Kettle

Ghille kettle (also known as a Kelly Kettle or Storm Kettle)

Even standing in snow this beauty generates boiling water and cooks your food. Perfect for an emergency food storage kit.

Once you take the step to keep some emergency food storage in the house, it doesn’t take long to realise there are some possible emergencies that could prevent you cooking or heating it. Power cuts, which often accompany emergencies, could mean you don’t get that option. One way round that is to have some kind of camping stove as part of your kit.

While cold food is no hardship in warmer months, in winter emergencies the morale of your little crew, even their desire to eat enough, can be really boosted by a hot meal. One of the best solutions I have ever used needs no special fuel, no petrol, no gas canisters. It runs entirely on burning kindling, pine cones, twigs and other easily found and stored natural fuel. What is this wonderful device? It is the traditional Ghillie Kettle. Sometimes known as a Storm Kettle or Kelly Kettle this efficient system allows you to boil water and, with the optional cook kit, you can cook food simultaneously, even in the snowy outdoors.

I tested it a couple of winters ago and knocked together a quick video showing how it works.

Taking a traditional approach, and combining it with modern technology, this anodised aluminium beauty is light, strong and portable. It’s made in England and a really well made item.

Safety requires that you don’t use this stove indoors as the base gets very hot and you won’t like wood burning fumes floating round your kitchen. Having said that I wouldn’t use any camping stove indoors on account of fumes either. Simply find a solid level base that won’t catch fire.

Emergency Food Storage

Remember to include long-life food in your emergency supplies…

You can order the Ghillie Kettle online in our Emergency Stoves and Kettles Category, they come in different finishes and different water boiling capacities. I love my kettle, it’s definitely one of the best bits of emergency food storage kit I ever bought.